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Danish Crown is a global meat producer and supplier, specialising in pork and beef. The Danish Crown Group has recently outlined new Sustainability goals with the mission statement of ‘Feeding the World’. In the face of this global crisis, the hospitality industry is facing very perilous times. As food producers, we have a responsibility to […]
The Whitechapel Mission have been helping Londoners to help the homeless since 1876, meeting the specific needs of each man and woman who walks through our doors. First, we help the homeless by meeting immediate needs: food, shelter, clothing, and medical care. In our recovery programs, we address deeper needs for life-skills and job skills […]
The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson MP is urging more people to get tested for TB as part of his campaign to raise awareness of the disease, which is more prevalent in London than any other capital in Western Europe. Today his TB ambassador, award-winning actress Emma Thompson and her son Tindy Agaba visited a […]
As the shower refurbishment is now complete, we start on the restrooms. Funding for these works is now secured and work begins  on Monday morning The toilet facilities are an important part of our service provision, and not only as a normal facility. For those sleeping rough the use of a bathroom offers the dignity and privacy, […]
Men’s showers are available Monday to Friday from 7:30am until 9:30am, with an opportunity to choose replacement clothing after taking a shower. We always ensure a sufficient amount of clothing in an attempt to allow individuals to pick and choose the clothing they would like to wear. We take for granted the choice we have […]
Last year, 112,070 people declared themselves homeless in England – a 26% increase in four years. At the same time, the number of people sleeping rough in London grew by 75% to a staggering 6,437. Why? A £7bn cut in housing benefit, welfare reforms and a huge lack of affordable housing  Jon HenleyThe Guardian, Wednesday […]
  First published at Spitalfields Life by the gentle author Seen for the first time in over a century, these are a series of portraits taken around 1900 at the Working Lads Institute, known today as the Whitechapel Mission. After my first visit with Colin O’Brien to take portraits at the Mission on Easter Tuesday, […]
by the gentle author At dawn on Easter Tuesday, while most of the world was still sleeping, Contributing Photographer Colin O’Brien & I paid a visit to the Whitechapel Mission which has been caring for the homeless and needy since 1876. The original building, constructed as the “Working Lads Institute” in 1885, still stands next […]
If our breakfasts are the “maintenance” part of our work here at The Whitechapel Mission, it’s the work done in the Lifeskills Centre that enables people to change direction and turn their lives around.  Here Sonia, our Lifeskills Worker gives us a taste of what a typical day there can be like.  If the Lifeskills […]
THE WHITECHAPEL MISSION – BRINGING HOPE WHERE THERE IS DESPAIR Every day, at 6am (just when the commuters of Surrey are starting to make their way from their warm homes to the local station), the staff and volunteers of the Whitechapel Mission in the East End of London begin to welcome up to 300 homeless […]