Shower Refurbishment

IMG_1238Men’s showers are available Monday to Friday from 7:30am until 9:30am, with an opportunity to choose replacement clothing after taking a shower.

We always ensure a sufficient amount of clothing in an attempt to allow individuals to pick and choose the clothing they would like to wear. We take for granted the choice we have when we open the wardrobe door and choose what to wear each morning. Our personality and mood are reflected in what we wear.

It is now 20 years since we were able to refurbish the showers and they are looking old and tired. There is water damage to the ceilings, tiles coming off the walls and the plumbing has been patched rather than being replaced. It is not the best environment to take a shower.

We need to refurbish the shower block, in the hope of increasing the number of showers we can deliver each day and improve the facilities.
• Replace the windows and ventilation system
• Replace all the tiles on the shower walls
• Remove ceiling tiles and repaint where needed
• Replace the flooring with non-slip materials
• Replace all plumbing with modern shower equipment

We would normally expect to see 75-100 men use the showers each weekday.


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