Feeding the World

Danish Crown is a global meat producer and supplier, specialising in pork and beef. The Danish Crown Group has recently outlined new Sustainability goals with the mission statement of ‘Feeding the World’.

In the face of this global crisis, the hospitality industry is facing very perilous times. As food producers, we have a responsibility to ensure that everyone has enough food to get through this period of uncertainty. The closure of all restaurants and bars by the government had meant that unfortunately a lot of our customers had placed orders for products that they were then unable to receive. As we had already produced the products and they all had short shelf life, we wanted to ensure that nothing went to waste. Having already had a relationship with Whitechapel Mission* and supported them in the past, we reached out and hoped we would be able to help.

We wish you and all at Whitechapel Mission the very best in this difficult and uncertain time and hope you stay safe throughout.

Tuesday 25th march 2020

A huge thank you to Danish Crown for their support for our work. All hot breakfasts served this morning, came with sausages, burgers and bacon, supplied by Danish Crown. A very well received breakfast for those sleeping rough.

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