Computer Suite

Our Aim

To support, encourage and assist people who are homeless and social exclusion people, regardless of background, to improve their lives, by equipping them with skills sustain tenancies, employment and integration into the wider community.

  • Devise and deliver a programme of basic computer skills over the year, based on identified individual needs.
  • To provide resources and advice on accessing training and education, with a goal to enhance employment opportunities.
Equal Opportunities

Whitechapel values diversity and as such recognises that Community Members (Community Members are defined as any person who benefits from any services of The Whitechapel Mission as a participant in any of our programmes) come from a diverse range of cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The staff will ensure that the Community Member’s needs and wants are responded to in a pro active way whilst ensuring equal access to services and support that reflects their diverse needs.

Respond to needs as they arise, to deliver a pro active service.

For a long time, we have been planning to open our new Computer Suite (named the Bill Parkes Computer Centre), to facilitate access to employment applications, settled status applications and finding accommodation. All requiring computer access these days. These photos were taken during the building process and now the centre is ready to open, we hope to see easier access for people looking to change their lives.

We will be looking for volunteers to assist with training and supervision.

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