Just a smile

IMG_1342A huge thank you to the volunteers from Barclays Corporate.  What a unbelievable difference a smile makes.  you were fabulous! Exactly what we were looking for.

We have always been aware that many of our visitors each morning come into the Mission in need of a hot shower, clean clothing and a hot breakfast.  Others to be able to have a shave, clean their teeth or just meet with friends.  We understand that these services are a magnet to get people in through the door, and an opportunity for us to reach out and encourage them to visit our  Lifeskills workers.. Our goal is to reduce the numbers of those sleeping rough, encourage them and empower them to move on to better lives with accommodation and employment.

This can sometimes can be a little difficult as a lot of the people do not feel confident enough to think they can manage or achieve anything by themselves. Our workers and volunteers are so good at listening, encouraging and giving the boost needed,  whilst ensuring they get the skills to be able to stand on their own two feet, not to become a crutch for them to become dependant on.

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