“It all started when I was evicted by my landlord. I usually work, pay my own rent, go to the gym, but when I was made homeless, I really struggled being on benefits. I wasted my money on stupid things, which I never usually do. So, then I was hungry. Whilst I had no phone or entertainment, all I was thinking about was food. 


I hit rock bottom before I met with Hayley. I was so depressed. I really wanted to end my life, that’s how low I was. 

When you are homeless and you need things, the Mission give you everything you need. When you are struggling, you can’t afford to buy things you need. I need to change clothes every day, I can’t suffer. I don’t think anyone can. Its torture being on the streets. You can’t change, you can’t wash every day. I can’t even explain the feeling, it’s the worst feeling anyone can go through. 

You have to keep pushing, you can’t give up on life. The good thing about me is that I keep pushing, on all kinds of things. If I need a job, I will spend all day trying to get a job.” – Rico

Hayley – “Rico didn’t have the money for a deposit as he was paying back the advance he had received, so I phoned up his housing officers, and they agreed to pay the deposit. Between the landlord and the housing officer, we settled the issue. Rico has moved in and now comes to the Whitechapel Mission to use our computer suite. 

We continue to set targets together, we set Rico up with his GP as we could see his mental health was regressing. Rico needed someone to help keep him on track. 

His GP has changed his medication and once a care plan is in place, we can continue with the process of applying for Personal Independence Payment. This will mean Rico will be able to work towards obtaining a 1-bedroom flat. 

Rico’s next step is to look at courses, learning about health and fitness as he wishes to be a gym instructor or a hospital porter.” – Hayley

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