“Hello, my name is Mario. I’ve been coming to the Whitechapel Mission for approximately 6 or 7 years to get breakfast but recently I’ve been coming more during the coronavirus as I’ve needed some further help. During the virus, the Mission has been my absolute rock. 

The Whitechapel Mission has been brilliant at supporting with me food initially, and then other services like clothes, internet access and phone usage. I’ve also been getting advice from Sonia and Hayley in the advice centre.

Everything I’m wearing I got from the mission. When I get my shower, everything is there. Socks, to a toothbrush, everything. The Whitechapel Mission really cater for everybody and gives you everything you need.

Even just a breakfast. Sometimes I go to sleep, I’m so hungry, all I can think of is the breakfast in the morning. Especially the hash browns. It’s a god send. Whitechapel Mission is my rock.”

Mario let us know that everything he had on including the sleeping bag in his hands is from the Whitechapel Mission. He wanted to pass on his grateful thanks, and was happy for us to take his photo. 🕊

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