Typical Monday in Lifeskills

Most people do get those Monday morning blues; but it’s the day our staff and volunteers look forward to most.

Our advice room is open for all to access, we can help with most things that come our way, whether it be finding a bed for someone that night, helping with the changes in the benefit system or just an ear to listen to people’s concerns.

Sonia is our main advice coordinator; for those that know her understand she is the mother of all, full of life, upfront, no nonsense lady who is so respected by our clients, volunteers and staff alike.   The amount of work achieved by her is phenomenal and all done with a heart of gold.

Sonia added” Mondays are great!, you never know what’s happened over the weekend, catching up with everyone ; finding out how many beds are available and who is most in need as there are never enough.  I know that my smile is the most important thing I wear; it makes people feel much more optimistic somehow. I love my job”

Mondays also bring Marina from DWP to help people with their job search.   DWP have an online site, Universal Jobs Match, though this is not the only site Marina introduces our guys to.   She mainly has to show them how to use a web site, set up an account and do a skill set match to enable them apply for jobs suitable to their need and qualifications.  Along with Sonia, she will help with getting the training to help them achieve their ambitions.

Marina says “I love coming to Whitechapel as it’s so inclusive, there are no restrictions on me to whom I can see and help. The staff are also most supportive in overcoming barriers for people”.

We also have to mention the tremendous work done with the volunteers that attend Mondays from White & Case LLP. Two lawyers attend to see anyone that have a legal query.   White and Case have been supporting us for 5 years or so.  It is so important that everyone is able to access the legal system, even though they may not have the means to pay.

Today’s lawyers say “it’s such a good way to start the week, we go back to the office feeling we have done something worthwhile. It’s great to help someone, seeing a real person face to face rather than communicate to a faceless Corporate Company via a computer”.

So what’s so good about Mondays?   They are optimistic, happy, fulfilling and productive that’s what.




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