Clifford Chance Breakfast Challenge


What a Breakfast Challenge we had today! – Team leader Mia, from @Clifford Chance was kept on her toes throughout the morning. The difference was in the volunteer numbers.  We would normally ask for 8 people to volunteer to do the breakfast challenge; they arrive at 5:45am and see the whole shift through to the end at about 11:30am.

Today, Clifford Chance threw us a curve ball as there were 18 people on the team wanting to attend; what they suggested was to send them in two teams; 9 volunteers coming at 5:45am to leave at 9am and team two coming at 9am and staying till the end.

To do a shift change during the busiest part of the day took some organising to say the least. It could have been problematic, especially as the second 9 volunteers arrived separately. We have to do inductions, signing in/out (which is a necessity to keep regulations in order) as well as the actual change over; but with the Magic that Whitechapel is and the organisation of Majestic Mia from Clifford Chance, service was decidedly smooth with no problems. Great Job!

Although next time Please please split your team into two days and see the breakfast from beginning to end, if only to keep Sue sane!

All the volunteers left having enjoyed themselves enormously with promises of returning soon. They are also organising a team of 5 to do our 10K run on July 10th.

A massive thank you to Clifford Chance for your successful morning.

If you blog readers have not heard about our 10K run, please go to our home web page and consider signing up. We have 150 places to raise funds for Whitechapel Mission; it is a main fundraiser for us, we would like to set a target of 40K.  We have BIG dreams to extend the services for the people who use the Mission.  Help make our dreams turn to reality.

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