Washing Machine

The machine that works the hardest in the Whitechapel Mission must be our Washing Machine.   Every day of the year, it boils washes over 100 towels.  You can imagine the over time that it does!   It is no wonder then, even with the tender loving care it gets, that after 12 years it has decided to say, “NO MORE”!  I’m done.

Such an important piece of equipment must be replaced, I see 100+ of our guests go into the shower area to start their day; they come out feeling refreshed, clean, with clean clothing they have been given the option to choose for themselves.  This does so much for their self-esteem and encourages them to move forward to the next stage of their life.

We need our new one to be an industrial one and have received a quote of £3,996.    Sounds an enormous amount for a piece of equipment to clean towels, but it will make an massive difference to our guests using the service and has to work far harder than a domestic machine can cope with..

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article and thankyou even more if you are able to help with this. 

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