Volunteers needed for the Bank Holidays in May

P1140784We are looking for two volunteer teams for the Bank Holiday Mondays in May.

2nd May and 30th May. Are you able help?  It is a 5:45am start!

More details can be found on our website

A breakfast challenge needs to be a team of people of no less than 5 people and no more than 10 people. 7 is a good number and will keep all 7 volunteers working for the 6 hours of the challenge. A team of only 5 will struggle to keep up and a team of 10 will find times when they are looking for another job to do. We cannot accommodate larger groups in the kitchens for both health & safety reasons, and also to ensure the challenge is meaningful and enjoyable. These teams are responsible for ensuring the continued breakfast services of The Whitechapel Mission. We cannot accept individual volunteers for these dates.

After preparing and cooking breakfast for as many as 300 people, these breakfasts need to be served. Served to people who are, in the main, very grateful for your efforts and may have not eaten since yesterdays breakfast. A very rewarding experience and an opportunity to meet people from the streets in a positive and meaningful way.

“Thanks for the photos and a massive thank-you to you and all the staff at the Whitechapel Mission, (especially Michelle who is amazing!!!) , for allowing me and my fellow colleagues to participate this morning. What you do for these disadvantaged people is truly humbling and I have nothing but admiration for you all!!! It was a really enjoyable experience and a great opportunity to help someone less fortunate than myself. I will remember this for ever and hopefully I can come back soon.” – Mark

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