Barclays MasterChef evening

b12After years of getting piped at the post by Jonathan Beebe, Eric was finally on the winning team in an Equities HCP event. With help from Jon  and Henry the venison and black pudding scotch eggs were the fans favourite (see photo below). The fitting wooden spoon prize went to Team 7 who made the chocolate fondant/mousse, which was fantastic, which just went to show the quality of cooking on show.

This was our best attended event so far with well over 100 people taking part, either as taste testers or chefs. It was great to have Tony and Sue from the Whitechapel Mission, for anyone who didn’t get chance to speak to them in depth it is a great cause, and one founded by the original partners of Barclays in 1870, we look forward to working with them again this year, and in the future. Speaking to them was very humbling and puts what we do day-to-day in context. They were hugely appreciative of our effort and very grateful to be able to try everyone’s food.

These events, although they may look like they are thrown together, take months of planning, and it was great to see it ran without hiccups (cue outbreak of food poisoning). This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of so many people. Agi, Melissa, and the rest of the Omni kitchen staff who really embraced the idea and put in a lot of work to make the evening possible.

And finally all the chefs for volunteering (or cooking against their will). Great to see everyone not only cooking edible dishes, but something that I think most people would be happy to pay for in a restaurant.

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