Restroom Refurbishment

IMG_1471As the shower refurbishment is now complete, we start on the restrooms. Funding for these works is now secured and work begins  on Monday morning

The toilet facilities are an important part of our service provision, and not only as a normal facility. For those sleeping rough the use of a bathroom offers the dignity and privacy, that is not available when in the centre. To be able to take one’s time, but also close the door and relax.

But, also to have a shave, clean one’s teeth, comb one’s hair and freshen up. The restrooms are far more than just toilets and are available from 6am every day of the year.

Being homeless denies choices! No restroom, no privacy, no dignity, no choice!

We offer a clean towel, a brand new razor and a new toothbrush to all of our visitors and we offer this ever day they visit.

We would normally expect to see 250-300 men use the restrooms each day.

It is now 20 years since we were able to refurbish the toilets and they are looking old and tired.

There is water damage, tiles coming off the walls  and the plumbing has been patched rather than being replaced. It is not the best environment for a toilets.

We will be refurbishing the toilet block, in the hope of improving the facilities.

• Replace the mirrors
• Replace the stalls with new laminate panels
• Replace the urinals and sinks in stainless steel
• Replace electrics with waterproof materials
• Replace Lighting
• Replace all plumbing with modern toilet equipment

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