Volunteer with The Whitechapel Mission

HPIM1665We want volunteering at Whitechapel to be fun, rewarding and challenging. The skills, opinions and experiences of each volunteer are valued and we want them to be an integral part of the organization.

Volunteers can come in small or large groups (and occasionally as an individual). Many work together in the city or in Canary Wharf, and choose to assist within the Mission before going on to work each day.

If you decide you would like to volunteer with us and book a date, then we would expect you to show up. Of course, there may always be very good reasons which may force you to cancel, but we do need a high level of commitment once agreeing to volunteer. Failing to show is likely to result in us not being able to accept another request to volunteer.

The Whitechapel Mission began in 1876 and much of our work would never have been possible without the support of thousands of volunteers. Today, volunteers play a crucial role, working with homeless people, providing essential administrative support or raising much-needed funds.

We thank the 4,000 volunteers who have supported the Whitechapel Mission this year with over 24,000 hours.

For more information: http://whitechapel.org.uk/volunteer/overview

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