Productive Thursdays

P1200020Thursdays is always a productive day here at the Mission. It is the day Marina from Job Centre Plus visits. (sadly, she is very camera shy and doesn’t like any sort of publicity so there is no photo I’m afraid). Our guys can sometimes have a tough time sorting out their benefits, they do not cope well with the red tape and strict procedures.  They also do not respond very well to “people in hats or uniforms” as they can find it quite intimidating and say they are made to feel un-educated.   To solve this problem, every Thursday, Marina, the Job Centre Plus advisor comes to the Mission to help people with their claims.  She is a star!

It also helps that the same person comes each time so we get to know her and the guys feel more at ease, starting to trust her word. Together with our Sonia so many Benefit and Pension queries and claims are sorted.

A third person we had in the Lifeskills room today; Ron Pratt, another one of our Stalwarts, this time from Chislehurst in Kent, gave his time freely, with that fantastic smile and sense of humour he made the morning zoom by. The room was a hot bed of activity.

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