National Treasures

P1190364Every cloud and silver linings spring to mind.  I know this to be a true statement after today.  Todays cloud – Unfortunately today’s volunteers were unable to make it.

Our silver lining –  are the ex-servicemen of New Belvedere House. About 25% of the people who use the centre are ex-servicemen, an astounding figure really when you think they have put their lives on the line for our country.  When we found out,  at short notice, the volunteers were not able to  make today; “Who you gonna call”? No not ghost busters – my boys from New Belvedere House, (a hostel for ex service men at the end of the road) and lo and behold, they turned up at 5:30am to help;

A Massive thank you to Roy, Pete, Barry, Tony and Martin for in filling the breach.

Talk about calling in The National Guard!

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