Stalwart Stewards

IMG_1831Bank holidays and weekends are when most of us get to spent time with our friends and family. Free time for the most of us; so when we get regular groups giving up that precious time to volunteer at the Mission and give time to others makes it all the more moving.

Good Friday we saw the team from The Boys Brigade of Hextable, these lads have ben coming and giving their time, with the leaders Ian and Maureen Packham, since some of them were 15yr old.  They are now men, either at University or holding down jobs and they are now all in their 20’s.  Every Christmas and Easter they arrive, laden with Chocolate gifts for the customers to give their time, their infectious laughter and their labour. it was great seeing them again, they have become dear friends. Thank you for your presents and your presence.
See you at Christmas!

Another group that we could not manage without, are our weekender friends from Petts Wood Methodist church who, without fail come every other Saturday, today was no exception. I think the word Stalwart fits best their description. David organises the teams of 5 people from Petts Wood, and year in, year out they never fail us.

Our Stalwart stewards.  A huge thank you to both groups for this special Easter weekend, and for all the other regular groups falling into this category..  You know who you are and will no doubt get a mention of your own in the future.
A very happy Easter to all.

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