Eggstra Special

IMG_1826I can feel a very Happy Easter coming on!

Without thinking, (a trait I suffer from on a regular basis)! I remember making a comment to a group of volunteers a couple of weeks ago about how nice it would be if we could give all our guests an Easter Egg to celebrate Easter Sunday.  Yay! Guess what turned up today? Hundreds of Easter Eggs, all of the same size and quality.   Equality is so important as there are no arguments; Whitechapel is about treating everyone who walks through our doors as equals, everyone is treated in equal manner no matter who you are or where you come from.  How nice will it be for our guests to receive an egg, knowing someone, somewhere is thinking of them.

A very special Easter Thank you to Amy, Beverley, Manoj, Jayme and Gary for organising this through Lloyds Banking Group and thank you for the socks and the promise of matched funding from Lloyds Banking.


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