Full House!

Full team of volunteers today; A relatively new company to the Mission is Newman, Martin & Buchan LLP. They first came to volunteer July 2013 with the senior partners, some of those same volunteers came back today with an Army!

Today’s team consisted of 18 people. 7 in the kitchen, 2 in Life skills; thank you Martin and Phil for coming back, obviously a glutton for punishment! great feel good factor in there isn’t it? and 9 people in the clothing store.

The clothes sorting is a bit of a thankless task in that you don’t actually see the people you are helping so don’t get to comprehend the impact you have on our clients.  I cannot express how important to our guys it is to be able to have a hot shower and then be able to choose the clothing that has been sized,  hung and tagged, bit like Primani but tidier.  That is all our people want and you did that.

Dignity and Choice; not a lot to ask for and doesn’t cost a thing.

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  1. Helen Whooley says:

    We loved it Mrs Whitechapel Mission 🙂 thank you so much for letting us take part! As a company we have been 4 or 5 times now but you must just remember the lovely bunch that came today 🙂 haha – it’s our second trip! We will definitely be organising another event and are currently asking all employees for donations – particularly men’s trousers after today!!

    Thanks again for having us. You really are all amazing, inspirational people! x

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