Turbulent Tuesday

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P1190138-2Most days we go home on a real high, which makes it all the more poignant when a  low day comes along. Sadly we got news today that one of our long term users of the Mission died this week. He was only in his early 40’s but when one reads all the reports on people who are homeless, this is the average age of death on the streets. A great guy with a BIG character, brought a smile to many a face and will be sadly missed.

Moving on, as you have to; Dentons law firm were the volunteers today. The regular support they bring is invaluable to us. We got some good stuff done, Maria, one of the ladies who has been in pain for a while was taken to A&E and found to have a prolapse. She hasn’t got a grasp of the English language as yet so couldn’t get herself understood but with the aid of Google translate we got her sorted, on pain relief and registered with a doctor which is good news.

We also helped a man with a laptop get an email address for the first time – At 57 yrs old!  See you can teach old dogs new tricks.

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  1. Danielle Van Der Merwe says:

    What an amazing experience volunteering at the mission early this morning. Thank you very much to the mission team – u guys do an amazing job – truly inspiring! I would recommend anyone to donate/volunteer at the mission!

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