Normal Monday Morning

What a day! We welcomed Lola Staffing today for the first time. thank you for your enthusiasm; it was very infectious. We all look forward to seeing you again.

An enormous amount achieved in Lifeskills today; White and Case Lawyers giving their weekly advice session.  Two Fantastic things that happened that are definitely worth a space in the blog; One of our long term sufferers is off to Rehab tomorrow for 8 months. a lovely time saying goodbye to him. He is ready and as well as being strong, he is fully committed. Good luck to him, top guy!

The other thing is; a man has been evicted from his accommodation. he has never had any experience of being homeless before and hadn’t got a clue what to do.  he was totally lost.   We were able to place him in a night shelter and get him referred to all the agencies needed to get him back into a society he recognises.  The thanks and appreciation he showed is all that’s needed to make us realise this is where we want to be.  Now that’s Job satisfaction. how many people can say they have that!

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  1. Louise Hicklin says:

    Well done guys. You all do an amazing amount for others. True vocation. Keep up the great work. We are thinking of you here in jersey.

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